Underlying all effective marketing messages – physical brochures or web pages – is great copywriting.

Copywriting is the art of stringing words together to drive results. 

It compels your audience to sign up for your newsletters, free trial, or to make a purchase!

And a person who specializes in doing so is a copywriter.

Writing seems easy until it isn’t. 

Anyone can write, but not everyone can produce writing professionally – on time and delivers results.

Only professional copywriters can do so, after accumulating years of experience and knowledge.

If you’ve been running your business and want to up your game, hiring a professional copywriter may be one of your best decisions yet!

Learn about the 9 benefits of professional copywriting, and why your business needs it.

1. Copywriting Builds Your Company’s Image

Your web copy is the first thing readers see when they discover you.

It helps them determine whether you’re credible, professional, and potentially worthy of their business.

That’s why first impressions are critical. Your web copy must be impeccable from the get-go – be it your tone, grammar, or User Experience (UX) integration!

Your copy reflects the quality of the products or services you provide. Any small mistake will reflect poorly on your business.

Great copywriting factors all these in, and finds the best possible angle to showcase your business. 

It boosts your audience’s impression, so you start your relationship with them on the right foot.

Steinway Pianos utilizes elegant copywriting to paint a picture of their brand and their piano range.

It allows readers to experience and feel what it is like to play on a Steinway piano and the impressive performance benefits, it can deliver.

Great copywriting doesn’t just present your brand in a favorable light, it allows your reader to experience what your brand feels like and what it truly stands for.

And in Steinway’s case, the copy here presents it as a magnificent brand that creates world-class pianos used by only the best.

2. Forms an Emotional Bond with Audience Through Brand Story

Your audience is constantly figuring if you are exactly the solution they seek.

To do so, they dig further to learn more about you. 

This is where your brand story comes in!

Skilfully crafted brand stories connect with your audience, assuring them that you are their right choice. 

They touch on the audience’s angsts, hopes, and dreams, making the audience feel understood.

Take Warby Parker’s About page for example.

Warby Parker sells glasses at affordable prices, and the brand story shares why they do so.

They show how, like the audience, they also went through a similar set of pains. 

They lead the audience to their journey’s conclusion – the company’s conception. So the audience can skip the pain, and enjoy the gain!

Through storytelling, Warby Parker builds a relationship with the readers.

Only when readers feel a bond with you, do they trust and buy from you. Great copywriting helps you build that bond you need.

3. Brings Out Full Personality of Your Brand

Besides your front page and brand story, your business has multiple touch-points keeping you connected with your audience.

These may be emails, social media posts, or even blog posts.

Each of these touch-points allows your audience to learn more about your business. It’s like interacting with a friend to know him better!

And just like with friends, you trust them only if they stay consistent. 

You want to see different nuances of his personality unfold after some time too.

Great copywriting gives your audience exactly that experience. 

It keeps your brand’s core personality consistent across the various platforms, while showcasing its different charms appropriately.

Whether it is a Tweet, an Instagram post or a blog article from your brand, consistency in the tone of voice is key.

This way, your audience feels more intimate with your brand. 

Your audience’s impression is strengthened, so they eventually buy from you when they feel ready.

The Hustle is a daily tech-newsletter that targets millennial bros and they reflect it perfectly in their tone of voice.

With quips that target the older generation like ‘your grandpa’ to everyday conversation terms like ‘zapped’ and ‘lame’, the newsletters allow subscribers to identify more with the brand, making them look forward to tomorrow’s mail.

4. Distinguishes Your Business from Competitors

Consumers are spoilt for choice nowadays.

When they want to buy something, a simple Google search offers them pages of options!

No longer will they buy from you, simply because you approached them first. 

Instead, they will compare you with your competitors, to determine the best option for them.

Which means to win the sale, you need to stand out.

You need to connect your products’ benefits to their needs and serve them better than anyone else!

Great copywriting does so by offering them a fresh angle of how you stand out from your competitors, in an objective manner.

As a business owner, this can be surprisingly difficult to do for yourself!

You may be too involved with the daily operations, that you distance yourself from your audience through detailed, jargon-laden language use.

That’s where professional copywriters can help with their deep understanding of psychology and market experience. 

They are trained to dissect markets quickly to spot gaps you can fill.

And the gap you fill can make customers choose you!

Email marketing software is a terribly competitive space to be in that demands your business to stand out.

Convertkit cleverly stands out with other competitors like MailChimp by crafting copy that specifically speaks to creatives and side-hustlers.

They use examples that are personable which their ideal customers can emotionally identify with.

5. Helps You Rank Higher on Google

It’s not enough to create your website if you’re not seen.

Yes, your website is an important “virtual salesperson” for visitors.

Like salesmen in a store however, they can generate sales only if visitors come in!

How do you drive thousands of targeted, organic visitors to your website, for your “virtual salesperson” to do its job though?

You need to rank on Google!

While copywriting’s purpose is to help convert your visitors into paying customers, awesome copy also optimizes your website to rank on Google.

This is done by strategically integrating words and phrases that are keywords into your website’s copy that your visitors are searching for.

Shopify’s website cleverly inserts keywords that they want to rank for in a way that is natural and weaves is naturally into the sentences.

Can you spot them in this section?

They are:

6. Presents Information in Highly Persuasive Manner

The last thing your reader wants to endure is another string of boring sentences – save them from that pain!

Great copywriting presents information in a way that sucks them in.

Suddenly, they become the main hero of the story and the benefits and features you are presenting jumps out at them.

Awesome copywriting understands their customer persona and what plays on what makes them tick – both logically and emotionally.

Selling a marketing book isn’t easy, there are tons around!

Thankfully Traffic Secrets does this masterfully with great copywriting.

They frame the information in a highly persuasive benefit-driven manner that hits on the key pain points that their ideal prospects face in their daily challenges – finding their target audience & customers.

Notice the strategic underlining and bolding of certain words and phrases?

This draws more attention to critical points in the copy, making it come more alive to the readers.

7. Persuades Readers to Take Action

When you’ve laboured over building your website and content, direct-response copy converts your nurtured leads.

The last thing you want is for your copy to flop, wasting all your prior hard work!

When it comes to money, people are naturally skittish. 

They are afraid of not getting what they’re promised, after parting with their hard-earned money.

Great copywriting addresses this fear, by pulling appropriate logical & emotional triggers. They do so with…

– Powerful headlines that capture attention

– Benefit-driven copy to build desire

– An enticing offer prospects can’t refuse

– Impressive & well-targeted social proof (like testimonials)

– Sufficiently addressing potential objections

– A compelling, simple Call-To-Action

…so prospects feel comfortable enough to take the leap!

This is important when you need to drive results and get a tangible return.

Like when you’re running marketing campaigns with paid ads on your last marketing dollars.

The last thing you want is to burn through your budget with nothing to show for it!

All these require great copywriting which is powered by a deep understanding of buyers’ psychology.

Basecamp’s copy cleverly hits many of the emotional and logical triggers by building confidence in their reader about their product and slaps away the important ‘money’ objection with a free trial and no credit card down Call-To-Action.

8. Maximizes the ROI of Your Digital Marketing

Over the years, Facebook Ads and Google Adwords costs have been rising due to the steady increase in advertisers competing for ad space.

Costs may have plummeted recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but will rise again when the world recovers!

Besides the number of bidders for ad space, the relevancy of your content also affects advertising costs on both platforms.

Relevancy is about whether viewers get what they’re promised when they click your ad.

Both Google and Facebook have what’s called “Quality Score” and “Relevancy Score” respectively to measure ads’ relevancy.

The higher the score, the more your ad will be shown to your audience. 

Google places your ad in higher page position, while Facebook shows your ad to more consumers’ feed.

The more your ad is seen, the more clicks you’ll get with the same advertising budget. This lowers your Cost Per Click (CPC).

Should your CPC decrease by $0.10 from $1, you easily save thousands in marketing spend!

Relevancy of your ads also ensures you have higher conversion rates, to maximize your ROI.

Great copywriting crafts relevant ads, so you lower costs and increase returns.

9. Protects You from Consequences of Bad Copywriting

If the previous 8 benefits do not impress you, consider the consequences of poorly-done copywriting.

Bad copywriting damages your company’s image, making it look non-credible and unprofessional.

This chases away prospects. 

Existing customers also think twice about continuing business with you.

So not only does your sales stagnate, they decrease!

Prospective employees do not want to be associated with you, giving you hiring difficulties.

Partners may withdraw from partnerships.

Your money, time, & effort spent on sub-par copywriting becomes charity – they give a leg up to the next competitor that proves itself worthy!

Skip all the pain by going pro. 

Leverage a professional copywriter’s knowledge and experience, to ensure you get your desired results.

International Brands like Tiffany & Co understand the power of words with every line carefully crafted to convey a sense of style & exclusivity to their readers.

Great copywriting doesn’t just help you convert better, it protects your brand.